SE6500PRO Petrol Inverter Generator

The YDQ Power 6000 Watt Inverter Generator is ideal for emergency home backup or job site power. Use clean power to operate televisions, laptops, and other sensitive electronics.

Using the latest digital technology, it can automatically adjust engine speed according to different loads, providing safer and purer power for sensitive equipment such as computers, advanced audio, medical and precision test equipment. It also features easy-to-use electric start and remote control starting.

Peak Power(KW)6KW
Rated Power(KW)5.5KW
Rated Current(A)23.9A
Rated Voltage(V)220V
DC Output12V/8.3A
Oil Capacity(L)0.8L
Fuel Tank Capacity(L)13.5L
Start SystemRecoil Start/Electric Start/Remote Start
Noise(dB >7M)62dB
Fuel TypeGasoline
Machine Weight(KG)52KG
Machine Size(mm)610*470*535mm

YDQ Power SE6500PRO inverter generator can power anywhere, anytime, with 6000 peak watts and 5500 running watts, enough power to power multiple small devices at the same time, perfect for home emergency power, construction site use, or camping with an RV.

YDQ Power inverter generators use inverter technology to provide clean, stable power for sensitive electronic equipment such as televisions and computers. At the same time, three starting methods including hand start, electric start and remote start are adopted to provide customers with more suitable choices.

It is also safe to use and simple to operate, with user-friendly buttons and remote control making it as easy as starting your car. Tires also come standard, and the high-leverage handle makes it easy to transport over a variety of terrains. The included extra-large noise-reducing muffler has a built-in spark arrestor for safe use in regulated camping areas and workplaces.

6.5KW Inverter Generator FAQ

The 6,000-watt generator allows you to run the most common household appliances, including refrigerators, dryers, or TVs, as well as camping accessories.

A generator rated at 5,000 watts can power nearly a typical house.

Starting System Electric. Fuel Tank Capacity 3.5 gallons. Running Time-Full Load 4 hours. Running Time-Half Load 9 hours.

Yes, the voltage can be selected according to your local standards, we provide customized services

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