About YDQ Power

YDQ Power offers custom manufacturing for different portable fuel-powered generators, engines, and water pumps. We can provide different generator manufacturing customs processes including, welding, bending, assembly, laser cutting, and more.

Chongqing Yuedaqing Technology Development Co., Ltd. Which specializes in small generators, water pumps, and power tillers for many years. Relying on our advantages in the R&D and manufacturing of core components like small motors, we have gradually extended to the terminal application field of the general power machinery industry and now formed a complete industrial chain from parts to terminal products. The company has also built partnerships continued to sell products in many countries and regions, and set up several offices overseas to expand the international market.

why choose YDQ POWER?

Professional R&D and production team

Maintain Integrity And Keep Responsibility

Support The Supplier’s Innovation Constantly


Our Market

YDQ Power has exported to Europe, America, Asia, South America, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries and regions