What is power tiller?

The mini tiller is a miniature multi-functional agricultural machine, which is mainly used for farming operations such as water, dry field preparation, pastoral management and facility agriculture. Powered by a small diesel engine or gasoline engine, different tool accessories can be installed to complete different types of farm work, such as plowing, digging ditches, grooving, weeding, ridging, etc.

It has the characteristics of light weight, small size and simple structure. Mini tillers are widely used in dry land, paddy fields, orchards in plains, mountains, and hills. Equipped with corresponding equipment, it can be used for water pumping, power generation, pesticide spraying, spraying and other operations.

It can also tow a trailer for short-distance transportation. The micro-tiller can be freely moved in the field, which is convenient for users to use and store. It saves the trouble of large agricultural machinery being unable to enter the mountainous fields. It is the best alternative for the majority of consumers to replace cattle tillage or human labor. choose.

What is the use of power tiller?

Arable land

The main function of the micro tiller is to cultivate land. It is small in size and light in weight. It is very suitable for dry land in mountainous areas, hills, paddy fields, vegetable gardens, orchards, etc. It allows users to operate it better and save manpower.


In addition to plowing the land, the micro tiller can also perform ridge work. It can rid the crops that need to be ridged. The height of the ridge can be determined by adjusting the micro tiller.


Similarly, the micro-tiller can also be used for trenching work with suitable cutting tools. It should be noted here that different models of micro tillers have different trenching depths, and you need to read the instructions clearly before purchasing.


Take off the tillage knife of the mini tiller and replace it with the weeding knife to carry out weeding work with high weeding efficiency.


With the right equipment, a mini tiller can deeply fertilize fields.


Equipped with a harvesting knife in front of the foundation, crops can be harvested in the same way.

What is advantage of power tiller?

Small volume

Generally powered by a general-purpose gasoline engine or a small water-cooled diesel engine, it is small in size, light in weight, and easy to transport.

Improve efficiency

Compared with traditional manual tillage methods, micro tillers can complete soil tillage and soil preparation work more quickly and evenly.

It has great advantages in operating in greenhouses, loose dry land, deep water fields, small fields and other areas, and is also one of the most popular best-selling models on the market.

Reduce labor intensity

The mini-tiller reduces farmers’ physical labor burden and reduces farmers’ working time and labor intensity.

Improve soil quality

The cutting blade of the micro tiller can penetrate deeply into the soil, loosen the soil and improve its aeration and drainage, which is beneficial to the growth of crops and the development of root systems.

Save resources

Micro tillers can effectively utilize water and nutrients in the soil and reduce waste. In addition, it reduces the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, reducing the impact on the environment.

How power tiller works?

Engine driven

The mini tiller is powered by an internal gas engine or electric motor to keep the entire equipment running.

Transmission mechanism

The power generated by the engine is transmitted to the tillage tool through the transmission mechanism, causing it to rotate.

Tillage tools

A tiller is equipped with multiple tilling tools, which are usually in the shape of a hoe made of metal. As the cutters rotate, they cut and turn the soil.

Operating system

The micro tiller is equipped with a control system, and farmers can control the movement of the micro tiller and the depth of the cutter by operating the handle or joystick.

Soil treatment

When farmers operate a tiller, they advance it onto the land to be tilled. As the knives rotate, they penetrate deep into the soil and cut and turn it. This can loosen the soil and improve aeration and drainage.

Move and turn

Farmers can control the movement direction and speed of the tiller through the manipulation system. When a turn is needed, farmers can use the handle or joystick to adjust the direction of the tiller.

The job is over

When farmers finish working a field, they can stop the tiller and move it out of the field.

Can tillers cut through grass?

A micro-tiller can cut through grass, but you must use appropriate tools before weeding. It is suitable for clearing weeds in large and small areas, and is suitable for weeding operations in orchards, farmland, corn fields, and mountains. Large machines are inconvenient to operate. At this time, the small micro-tiller shows its own advantages.

What is the maintenance of micro tiller?

Since the micro-tiller works in a harsh environment, maintenance is particularly important. When the micro-tiller is working, due to the friction and vibration of the parts, and the invasion of oil, mud, and water, it is inevitable to cause wear and tear of the parts; loose connections, corrosion and aging. As a result, the technical condition of the micro tillage machine deteriorates, the power decreases, the fuel consumption increases, the wear and tear accelerates, and failures continue to occur.

In order to prevent the above situation from happening, it is necessary to strictly implement the maintenance system of “prevention is more important than cure, nourishment is more important than repair”.

Regular maintenance and repair

Perform regular inspections on the mini-tiller

1. Engine lubricating oil replacement: Replace it after 20 hours of first use, and every 100 hours thereafter.

2. Driving transmission oil replacement: Replace it after 50 hours of first use, and every 200 hours thereafter.

3. Fuel filter cleaning: Clean every 500 hours and replace after 1000 hours.

4. Steering handle: The gap is 1-3ram, and the control handle is flexible.

5. Main clutch control handle: Check and adjust the gap between the belt and the belt pressure to 3-6mm.

6. Auxiliary transmission control handle: The clearance of the auxiliary transmission flexible shaft cable is 0mm

7. Bolts of each connecting frame: Tighten.

8. Air filter cleaning: bearing oil 0.11L.

Warehousing, storage and maintenance

If the mini tiller is not used for a long time, it must be put into stock according to the following steps

1. The engine runs at low speed for about 5 minutes and stops.

2. While the engine is still hot, drain the lubricating oil and replace it with new oil.

3. Take out the rubber plug on the cylinder head, inject a little engine oil, place the decompression lever in the non-compression position, and pull the recoil starting handle 2-3 times (but the engine cannot be started).

4. Place the decompression handle in the compression position, slowly pull out the recoil starting handle, and put it in the compression position to stop. In this way, the suction and exhaust valves are closed, and moisture will not enter the interior of the engine to prevent rust.

5. To prevent contamination from external dirt and other dirt, the machine should be kept in a dry place.

6. All work tools must be rust-proofed, and it is best to keep them in the same place as the main machine to avoid loss.

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