With the improvement of science and technology, people not only have higher requirements for basic quality of life in daily life, but also have an increasing awareness of protecting the environment. Portable generators are backup power sources in daily life, used to ensure basic power supply needs when power is insufficient under special circumstances. Common generator fuels include gasoline, diesel, etc. With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, propane, natural gas, and other fuels also frequently appear in the public eye. This article focuses on detailing propane portable generators.

What is propane portable generator?

A propane generator is a mechanical device used to generate electricity. Electricity is generated by converting the motorized power generated by burning propane into electricity. Fuel Propane is a flammable hydrocarbon gas. When a propane generator is in use, it burns propane to produce heat and energy. A mixture of ammonia and water exists inside the generator. The temperature of this mixture is raised by the heat generated by burning the propane, bringing the mixture to its ignition point and producing ammonia gas. , and then the ammonia gas flows from the generator to generate electricity.

What is advantage of propane portable generator?

Propane fuel source

Propane Propane fuel is easier to purchase during times of crisis than other fuels. Diesel and gasoline rely on electric pumps to deliver them to people, making them unavailable during power outages. When an ice storm, hurricane, flood or tornado cuts you off from the grid, you can still get propane from a reliable fuel delivery company.

You can also carry a portable propane tank with you year-round and hook it up to your generator when needed. Or, if you live in an area with frequent power outages, you can connect your generator to a larger on-site tank for more propane availability.

Propane generators are easy to operate

Many people choose propane generators for home use because of their simplicity of operation. When the power goes out, your propane generator can start immediately.

Diesel generators can have problems that prevent them from running without a full tank of fuel. They can also create carbon deposits that can lead to overfuelling, sputtering, smoke and a rough ride. Diesel engines are also notorious for being difficult to start in cold weather. With a propane generator, you can skip all of these issues and easily enjoy the benefits of backup power.

Propane is a clean burning fuel

It is important to protect the environment in any way possible. One way is to opt for a propane generator as a backup power source. Propane burns cleaner than other fuel types, producing fewer emissions and less unpleasant odors.

Some towns ban the use of diesel generators at certain times of the day due to the risk of pollution and health effects. Propane is exempt from these restrictions. You can use your propane generator anytime and anywhere. And you’ll feel better because it burns cleaner than other fuels and is better for the environment.

Propane generators last a long time

Dirty-burning fuels like diesel can cause problems that you can avoid by choosing a propane generator for your home. Diesel generators often require repairs because residual sediment can clog the system. These repairs can be expensive, and you may have to buy a replacement generator sooner than you’d like.

Because backup propane generators burn cleaner, they are easier to maintain and last longer. You can rest assured that your propane generator will function properly the next time the power goes out.

Propane has an almost unlimited shelf life

You can safely store propane for years and use it with your propane generator whenever you need to use it. The same cannot be said for natural gas and diesel. These fuels require additives to keep them stable when not in use, and after being stored for a period of time, they can go bad and prevent your generator from working properly.

Propane stored under proper conditions has no expiration date. Whether you store it in a tank at home or in a smaller portable tank, you can store your propane for years and be prepared when the power goes out.

Can a propane portable generator run on natural gas?

Yes, With a few new parts and a little elbow grease, you can use the natural gas output in your home to run your generator.

Natural gas refers to a mixture of hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbon gases naturally contained in formations. In petroleum geology, it usually refers to oil field gas and gas field gas. It mainly exists in oil fields and natural gas fields, and a small amount comes from coal seams. The main use of natural gas is as fuel, which can produce carbon black, chemicals and liquefied petroleum gas. Propane and butane produced from natural gas are important raw materials for modern industry.

When you run a propane generator on natural gas, you need to know:

Generators that convert from propane to natural gas will experience approximately a 10% reduction in power output

Most generators require 3/4-inch gas line

Since propane generators already have “hardened valves and seats” they are set to NG

The regulator on your gas meter, the “home regulator,” operates at about 3/4 PSI.

The generator will run through an “internal regulator”, you don’t need a generator specific regulator, it runs fine at 3/4 PSI. All you need is a flexible 3/4-inch gas hose

Now the hard part is, the 3/8 inch opening on the propane generator, the inside diameter of the natural gas should be 3/4 inch. Some just leave 3/8 inch, but I’m guessing the generator will be starved of fuel at full load.

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